Having handled hundred’s of DUI’s, Mr. Vodnoy knows a DUI arrest can happen to anyone and can be an extremely trying experience since most of his DUI clients have never been in trouble with the law before. This is when it is most important to give the client peace of mind that everything will be done to make sure that they will get through the ordeal.

When you call, the Law office of Spencer Vodnoy will immediately work for you to take care of the DMV and make sure you have your license protected while fighting your case! 

(IMPORTANT: Please note that the DMV MUST be called within 10 actual days of your arrest to preserve this right!)

Mr. Vodnoy’s extensive experience representing clients accused of DUI is an advantage that you , the client is able to take advantage of. He has handled both first time DUI’s and Felony DUI’s. Mr. Vodnoy has had multiple trials for Second Degree Murder based on accidents related to DUI allegations (often called Watson murders).

There are many defenses related to DUI cases and Mr. Vodnoy suggests you to come in and talk with him about your case and what defenses are applicable and what might be done to help in your defense.

You can rest assured that after leaving a consultation with Mr. Vodnoy you will know that by retaining his services your best interests will always be a priority in every decision made in your case.

Knowing how to deal with the DMV and the Court system in handling a DUI case is vital to getting through the process. Mr. Vodnoy will help you get through both the court and the DMV and he will give you your best chance for success.